Theme Miss Nalgas USA

The installation “The Invisible Woman Syndrome” presents a dichotomy of presence and absence. Ethnicity and gender are suggested by corporeal form while omission frames the imaginary character of Rosi Refried Frijoles. The first artwork in a new series titled Miss Nalgas USA serves as a prelude to an upcoming performance artwork: a beauty pageant for the self-identifying Latina over fifty. This installation is the breakfast nook of pageant winner Rosi Refried Frijoles.

Names of Latina activists are hand-embroidered upon deconstructed/reconstructed soft bra sculptures. By accentuating select intergenerational activists, the artist underscores the lack of intersectionality in feminist history. Present-day activists are included as a nod to the future: advocacy to effect change is continuous. Set upon the table are signifiers of ethnic identity, ethnic authenticity, and colorism. Who is an authentic Latino/Hispanic? And— to paraphrase, writer Arlene Dávila: we don’t all eat beans. The framed watercolor This is Not a Taco humorously and simultaneously mocks René Magritte’s The Treachery of Images and “Taco Tuesday.”